Health Degree Programs

EKG Technician Training Schools: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

EKG technicians, sometimes referred to as cardiovascular technicians, monitor patients’ heart rates and aid in the diagnosis and treatment of heart problems. Playing an important role in patient health, EKG techs perform electrocardiograms, which record electrical impulses transmitted by the heart and are used to identify abnormalities in a heartbeat. Electrocardiograms are typically performed before […]

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Health Information Technology Degree: The Record Keepers of Our Health

As the healthcare industry increases in size, there will be a greater need for health information technology (HIT) professionals. The field of health information technology deals with the storage, retrieval, and optimal use of health information and data for record keeping and decision-making. A health information technology degree equips you with the knowledge and technical […]

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Gerontology Degree: Helping the Elderly to Age Gracefully

Gerontology schools offer interdisciplinary programs that involve the comprehensive study of human aging and the experiences that surround growing old. Students learn about the physiological, psychological, sociological, and political factors that influence the aging process. The field of aging services includes long-term care, service-supported housing, health services for seniors, and community-based services. A degree in […]

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Public Health Degree

Public Health Degree: Protect and Improve the Health of Your Community

Public health is a rewarding field that involves protecting and improving community health through education, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, and research in disease prevention. Population-based prevention programs have led to major advances in public health, and the healthcare industry is placing greater emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. Offering a breadth of areas […]

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Dialysis Technician Schools

Dialysis Technician Schools: Learn to Provide Kidney Care That Saves Lives

Dialysis technicians set up and operate hemodialysis units and related equipment in order to provide treatment to patients. Replacing some of the functions the kidneys usually carry out for themselves, kidney dialysis equipment can make the difference between life and death for a patient suffering from a kidney disorder or failure. By attending a dialysis […]

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Fitness Nutrition Degrees

Fitness & Nutrition Degrees

Fitness and nutrition are hot topics these days, because obesity has become so prevalent in our society. Nutrition science is the study of how our bodies transform food into energy. It involves learning about the nutrients in our food and how they affect our health. A related area of study is health and fitness. Fitness […]

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Healthcare Degrees

General Healthcare Degrees

Want a challenging and stable career that makes a difference in people’s lives? If so, pursuing a healthcare degree may be the right choice for you. From medical assisting to nursing and surgical technology, there is a broad range of career opportunities in the healthcare field, especially as the demand for healthcare grows. According to […]

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Health services administration degree

Health Services Administration Degree

If you would like to work behind the scenes in a healthcare setting, consider getting a health services administration degree. Healthcare administrators are responsible for the oversight of medical facilities ranging from rehabilitation centers and nursing homes to large hospitals. Students pursuing a health services degree learn about the business side of the healthcare industry […]

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Medical office assistant certification

Medical Office Assistant Certification

Medical office assistants perform administrative duties under the direction of a physician. They may be responsible for scheduling appointments, billing patients, and maintaining medical records. Medical office assistant training is designed to furnish the knowledge and skills students need to work as administrative staff in the healthcare industry. If you would like to play a vital […]

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Chiopractic assistant training

Chiropractic Assistant Training: Take a Hands-On Approach to Healthcare

Chiropractors diagnose and treat problems with the bones, muscles, and joints, addressing the effects they have on the nervous system without using drugs or surgery. Chiropractic assistant training prepares you to assist chiropractors in patient management and office management. The roles and responsibilities of chiropractic assistants vary from one chiropractic office to another. Some chiropractic […]

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