A Guide to Health Degree Scholarships

Health degree scholarship guide

If you are looking to get into a career in health, the educational costs can be a heavy load. That’s why it is a good idea to look around for the many health-related scholarships out there. You’re bound to find something that will help you pay for your education.

And there are plenty. From local hospitals to huge corporations—not to mention government agencies—there are plenty of opportunities to get a little help when it comes to paying for school. You just have to be resourceful, deadline-driven and persistent.

Stay local. Your local hospitals and health associations may be a great place to look. You’ll have the local advantage and be able to also look at state and federal opportunities. But do start at home. Approach your local hospitals and other facilities to see what they have to offer. You never know what organizations will want to support you through your education.

Go online. There are numerous programs set up for health professionals across the country. There are scholarships based by race or on merit. Or based on where you live. Do a few Google searches and you’ll see everything come up. You’ll bring up global scholarships as well.

Search federal. One thing to make sure you do is to get in the national pool. Search for U.S. scholarships (or scholarships) in your country. There plenty on the national level too. Don’t be intimidated by the size of applicants—put an application in anyway.

Add in organizations. You’d be surprised how many organizations want to reward students entering the health field! Start with any health related organization. Try your local MS or Diabetes chapter. You can even check into other civic groups like Kiwanis and Rotary.

Approach corporations. There are plenty of health companies (especially pharmaceutical entities) that offer scholarships. It’s best to go to their websites and do a search. Talk to their human resources representatives to see what’s available and how to apply. Your family members are also great sources, as their companies may offer scholarships.

Branch out. While there are plenty of health-related opportunities, there are even more general scholarships. Don’t rule those out, even if you’re sure you want to enter the health industry. Check local books at the libraries, go online and network a little to find the scholarships you think will suit you best. You can even go to your existing or expectant school to ask about listings there. With a little resourcefulness, you’re sure to find something perfect.

Once you find the scholarships you’d like to apply to, make sure you follow the directions carefully on the applications and leave enough time for people to compile things like recommendations letters. If you need to include an essay, make sure to write something stellar and have a friend look it over. Organize all of the due dates and create a timeline to ensure that you make the dates.

Applying for scholarships can be a lot of work to prepare for, but once you get one, that hard work will be worth it!