Pharmacist and Pharmacy Assistant Programs

Pharmacy assistant programs

When you think of a pharmacist or pharmacists assistant, you probably picture someone standing behind a counter and counting out the pills needed to fill your prescription. But pharmacists don’t spend their days just counting pills—they process complicated medical and scientific information to best serve their patients, both in a retail and hospital setting. Pharmacists and pharmacy assistants and technicians are more in demand than ever—but to work in this fast growing field, you need to attend a Pharmacy Program.

Because pharmacists and their assistant are responsible for people’s health and welfare, they undergo a rigorous training process. They study physiology, biology, medications and their functions. They also learn how to process doctors orders and maintain records, as well as basic pharmacy operations.

Taking part in a Pharmacy Degree or a Pharmacy assistant or technician program is the first step down the path to a successful career in the field. Click on our links below to learn more!

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